VIK LEGAL's business litigation lawyers protect the interests of companies in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court.

We specialize in commercial disputes: debt collection including enforcement proceedings and other disputes between companies caused by breach of contract obligations (sale of goods, contractor's agreements, lease agreements, transportation, etc.).

We also protect our clients in the following types of cases:

  • corporate conflicts (regaining of corporate control, challenging decisions of management bodies, recovery of losses from directors, challenging the company's transactions, etc.);
  • bankruptcy procedures (challenging the debtor's transactions, subsidiary liability of controlling persons, etc.);
  • disputes with the antimonopoly authority (antitrust cases and public procurement);
  • intellectual property disputes.

We provide legal support at all stages of the dispute: both assess the prospects for possible proceedings, elaborate a legal position on the case, collect and provide evidence, prepare all necessary procedural documents, provide representation in court instances and at the stage of enforcement proceedings. It is important for us not only to win the case, but also to achieve the actual execution of the court decision, so we estimate the probability of a real recovery in advance and advise our clients accordingly.

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